Once a year golf courses are attacked by the desert classic gang.

No courses are safe in North America

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 The web master is not a natural golfer, however has taken up the sport to be closer to nature. More of a tennis player than golfer, however the fact that the Desert Classic has been around for 34 plus years is remarkable and that a site must be established to share stories, pictures and memories of past years. Drop me a line, a story and or a picture with date and I will post them.

My Hobbies


When I'm not at work, I really love to play tennis on clay, grass, hard courts(indoor and outdoor)

My Favorite Things


Powder days on the mountain  

34th Desert Classic Tue Sept 3/ Sun Dec 8-Silverthorne, Colorado




Wednesday, September 4, Ryder Cup Format

Video & Photos - Raven Golf Club At Three Peaks


Thursday, September 5, Ryder Cup Format

Video - The River Course at Keystone


Friday, September 6, for those selecting the Birdie package

Video - Keystone Ranch Golf Course


Friday, September 6 – We have reserved private water on the Arkansas river. downriver from Leadville.

Approximately 1hr, 15 min to this location south of Breckenridge.

Saturday, September 7 – Traditional Desert Classic Tournament Format

Video - Breckenridge Golf Club



+ Event Details

details contact Jim Blackburn, Commissioner  jim@ocmmp.com


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